Sunday, November 23, 2008

if this still works I want to say i'm sorry for you invading my life when i wasn't ready for you; 

i'm sorry for all the times that i couldn't speek and for those that will come and will be silence;
i'm sorry that i'm younger and i want to act like that; 
i'm sorry if i don't like all your mouvies and if i spoil your enthusiast when you talk about them; 
i'm sorry if i want to say that i care about you and you don't want to hear it; 
i'm soryy if you have fears so deep that they became a way of living and you don't realise that anymore; 
i'm sorry if i'm not special for my actions but for may soul; 
i;m sorry that my life isn't spectacular and it's its ordinary that i like; 
i'm sorry if you are able to show only in time of crysis; 
i'm sorry that you have been hurt by your love; 
i'm sorry if you have problems; 
i'm sorry but i don't want to change; 
i'm sorry but i lied: i don't try anymore, i just expect things to happen.


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